Year 9 Newsletter - Edition 3

Over the hump

This week we are over half way through the first half term, which means that we are now on the ‘downward’ leg to the autumn break. By now students should be settled and in the routine of things again; we are very conscious that for some, it has been difficult returning to school after such a long time at home.  It has been really lovely seeing students tackling new challenges in lessons and striving to get as many achievement points as possible; a big well done to those students, you know who you are with over 30 points!

As students become more confident in their new setting, we are seeing some examples of silly and unacceptable behaviours particularly at break and lunchtime. Please could you talk to your sons/daughters about the need to behave appropriately, particularly due to the pandemic this is more relevant than ever in order to keep you and your families, other students and the staff at school safe.

Miss Hunstone (Head of Year 9) and the Year 9 team. Mrs Clancy (Student Support Assistant), Ms Stanton, Mr Lowden, Ms Cash, Mr Macwhinnie, Dr Miquel, Ms Newell, Mr George, Ms Day, Mr Hakim