WANTED! Reporters, Presenters, Videographers and more for a new Student News Team

Interested in joining a new team of students at Stratton Upper School? 

We have a new Student News website coming online after the Easter Holidays and are after writers and photographers to contribute. We also have a new video news show that will be produced every half term, covering activities that are going on around the school and local community.

A studio has been built!
A new student news office is currently being decorated!
All we need is you!

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then fill out the form below with your information, and we will get back to you.


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Outline of main job roles


Students will be finding news stories on events and activities both inside and outside of school that can be included in stories on the website as well as filmed for the new student broadcast.

Reporters will have access to computers in the student news team office for the writing and preparing of reports.



News stories need suitable images to make them more engaging. Photographers will have access to digital cameras for the recording of news events and activities. Photographers will be responsible for organising and going out to photograph events and edit photos for inclusion on website articles and video broadcasts.



We need videographers to film events and edit the footage into suitable stories for inclusion on the video news broadcast. Videographers will be able to book out a recording kit and will be responsible for going out and filming events and activities that are being reported on. Footage will need to be edited for inclusion into a news broadcast, working alongside presenters and reporters.



Presenters will be needed out on location at events to interview and report on news stories. We will also have a live studio show that will put together all the news and live interviews into a video magazine show that will go out to all students every half term.