Principal's Blog 07/02/2020

This week Ms McKendrick launched ‘Aiming for Purple’ an exciting new reward scheme for Year 11. It is an opportunity for all year 11 students to shine and to earn privileges, which they have negotiated themselves. Students can earn Purples for their achievement, improving grades, extracurricular involvement, attendance and a range of other positive behaviours. Students will be given a new (purple) tie when they gain 12 Purples and the tie earns them privileges across the school that they can negotiate such as, a discount on their prom ticket or jumping the lunch queue. What I like about this initiative is that every single student in year 11 has the chance to earn Purples and reap the rewards that come as a result. We are hoping this will motivate everyone to aim high in everything that they do and, if successful, it will be rolled out to Year 10 later in the academic year.

On Thursday, Year 11 students were treated to a live performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet followed by a workshop delivered by Box Clever. Students really enjoyed the production and seeing the text brought to life.  

Students commented:

“It was a different interpretation of the text which made it more entertaining”

“I loved how they broke the fourth wall a lot”

“The use of props was really unique”

“I enjoyed how energetic and loud it was, it kept me engaged”

“The modern aspects made it relatable and easier to understand in the context we are familiar with”

“The Hawaiian shirt was banging” “also the pineapple glasses”

“The workshop was really engaging and I’m likely to remember it when it comes to my exam”.


Thank you to the English Department for organising this event.

Thanks also to the maths department who organised an exciting Maths Challenge this week. Over 150 students participated across Years 9-11 and it was great to see so many students pushing themselves and demonstrating real grit and determination.

I would like to remind all year 10 parents that they are invited to attend a subject parents’ evening on Thursday 13th February. Please sign up for appointments with your child’s teachers on the parents’ evening system via the link on our website.

Huge congratulations to the Year 12/13 basketball team who won at home against Mark Rutherford on Tuesday. The game was well contested, with Stratton winning by 2 points (39-37), despite being down in the 3rd quarter. The game was very competitive with the opposition being one of the toughest in the league. Our students conducted themselves brilliantly and we are really proud of them all.




Ms Roz Hodges