Principal's Blog 31/01/2020

Year 9 have been thinking about their future and careers all week, having visited the University of Bedfordshire, there was a real buzz when they came back to school for their Options Information Evening on Thursday. Students and their parents had guidance meetings with their tutors and were able to gather a range of information on our Key Stage 4 Curriculum and the subjects on offer by visiting departments and attending a talk in the Hall.

It’s coursework completion time for some Year 11 courses and in Design Technology students have moved into the workshop to start manufacturing their final GCSE pieces. Always an exciting time, there is a real sense of focus and buzz of practical activity, which is lovely to observe.

Miss Pindred has been working with Year 12 and 13 students getting ready to enter the British Biology Olympiad. These nine students, Georgina Boston, Andrew Barnes, Isobella Varga, Allana Lewis, Thomas Sennett, Keely Burgess, Emma Metcalfe, Polly Swinburne and Chloe Dessent will sit the tests between now and 7th February and are hoping to earn an entry into the International Biology Olympiad, with over 60 countries taking part. Miss Pindred, and the school, are very proud of them!

It is always a delight to see older students supporting younger ones and the work some Year 12 and 13 students are doing with Year 9 on a Monday during registration is making a real difference. The Sixth Formers have had training on how to ask questions to support the comprehension levels of the Year 9s and are doing such a super job reading with them. They are also helping the Year 9 students to select books which is encouraging them to read for pleasure and positively impacting on their engagement with reading.

There is so much to be proud of in the student body at Stratton.


Ms Roz Hodges