Urgent letter to Parents re face coverings 20.10.2020

You will undoubtedly be aware of the heightening of concerns at the current time as the cases of Covid-19 continue to rise. We as a school continuously monitor our daily operations and adjust where necessary to ensure the best possible approach to keeping everyone as safe as possible whilst still maintaining our high standards and expectations. In addition, the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust hold regular Covid Committee meetings and they decided yesterday that face coverings should now be mandatory and worn by adults (staff and visitors) and students when moving around indoors, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. This decision will be implemented in ALL CMAT schools, from Wednesday 21st October 2020.
Our year group bubbles are working well in school but there are times when larger numbers of children within the bubble are in close proximity in corridors at key points of changeover. While the guidance suggests that presents a very minimal risk within the same bubble, we are mindful that infection rates are rising and want to take every reasonable precaution. Therefore, with effect from Wednesday 21st October, we will be asking all students to wear face coverings within the school buildings as they move to and from lessons.

In practice this means:
• Students entering school in the morning will do so in a face covering and head directly to their classroom.
• Once in the classroom they can sanitise their hands and remove their face covering unless they have permission from me to wear it in class.
• Once the lesson is over and the student moves to another class, even if it is in the same zone, they should wear a face covering prior to moving.
Students will not be required to wear a face covering during break and lunch when they are outside, nor will they be required to wear one in the inside eating spaces – these spaces are much larger and social distancing is more possible.
I know that parents and students will support this action as wearing face coverings reduces the risk of
spreading the infection and serves to make many people feel more secure.
I have spoken to all year groups this morning via a virtual assembly to explain the new requirement to wear a face covering while moving around inside the school buildings and the importance of ‘Hands – Face – Space’. I would be very grateful if you could reinforce the importance of following this practice with your child.

In addition to the control measures we have in place, we are also engaging fully with the NHS Test and Trace process and will work closely with the Department for Education, the local Health Protection Team of Public Health England and the local authority to ensure any confirmed cases are reported without delay.

Thank you for our ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

Roz Hodges