Hard working students at Stratton Upper School receive GCSE results to be proud of

 Once again students prove that hard work really does pay off, with 30% of all Stratton students achieving a grade 7 or above (equivalent to A*/A grades under the old system).

In addition we are delighted that no fewer than 33 students achieved an average of at least the new Grade 7 across all their subjects and want to praise these students for their sustained dedication and commitment to their studies. They should feel very proud of these impressive results.

Stratton students who achieved an average grade of 8 or higher across all their subjects include: Caitlin Allen, Kye Barker, Kye Barwell, Sean Blackburn, Josh Bradford, James Buckley, Keely Burgess, Fin Chapman, Tilly Finch, Alicia Jones, Allana Lewis, Arran Palmer-Oliver, Lucy Paget, Alice Racher, Gemma Scholes and Olivia Stebbing.

The following students also deserve a mention for achieving an average grade of 7 or better across all subjects: Millie Albone, Lucy Bacon, Josh Bugg, Cameron Godfrey, Molly Hummerstone, Amy Kendrick, Jovan Krstic, Sam Lower, Lucy Martin, Emma Metcalfe, Tabitha Stevenson, Elliott Swinburne, Polly Swinburne, Josh Wigston, Ellie Wright, Mia Wright and Alisha Wyatt.

We would like to congratulate all Stratton students who have worked so hard over the past two years of their GCSE courses. The results they have achieved are a testament to their perseverance and resilience. We are so proud of them all and wish them every success in the future.