Produce available to purchase from our school farm

Our School Farm is open for sales 9-12 Sat and Sun.


We have stocks of eggs, frozen lamb, mutton, pork, pork sausages and burgers, lamb sausages, turkey and fantastic family roasting chickens.


Freezer packs of whole or half animals are £4.50/kg for pork and £6.50/kg for lamb. Can be made up to fit a budget figure.

Smaller taster packs are available which contain a selection of joints plus sausages. Should be £25.00- £30.00.

We have the usual selection of joints, sausages and burgers for sale….including lamb burgers and sausages.


We have some rare breed....flavour crossed with Saddleback to limit fat.

Crackling to fight over.

High end for economical price.

Our Middle White breed has just been endorsed by James Martin on TV


All produced on our school farm as part of our students learning and curriculum. Reared outdoors wherever possible. We adhere to much better welfare practices than the legal requirements. From birth to bag we are in control of everyone that looks after them and processes them.


Where else can you buy food that has taught children work skills, professional skills and soft skills while enjoying themselves?


Take a look at our price list below.