As a result of our move to CMAT on 1st October 2020, we are currently updating many of our local school policies.

The Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust through the Trust Board and its Policy and Scrutiny Committees and the Executive Committee (Principals’ Committee) establishes many trust-wide policies relating to safeguarding, student welfare, teaching and learning, personnel and finance. These can be found on the CMAT website here.

Stratton Upper School was part of Stratton Education Trust until 30 September.  For information about Stratton Education Trust, please contact is .

Behaviour Policy

The Stratton Education Trust (SET) wish to create a friendly, positive and engaging atmosphere which promotes a well ordered environment for learning. We believe that a consistent approach by staff, reasonable codes of behaviour and the use of effective sanctions and praise are essential to establishing this culture for learning. Our ethos is based around high expectations and the promotion of mutual trust and respect.

Policy Aims The aims of the school’s behaviour policy are to:

 contribute to the positive ethos of the school;

 foster a sense of responsibility within students;

 ensure that behaviour in class and around the school is such that all students can work and contribute to the school effectively;

 prepare students for the discipline expected both in the workplace and in society in general.