Have a keen interest in a variety of sports? Considering a career in the sports industry? Then this course is for you! By choosing the Cambridge National Sports Studies course, you will be given the opportunity to practically learn the theory behind sport, through engaging practical and inspiring approach to your learning.

This course is equivalent to one GCSE and students study four units during the two years. Each one offers students different opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the practice and theory behind the modern day sporting world. One of the units is externally examined. In the other three units students are assessed through a variety of methods including presentations, written coursework, practical demonstrations and leadership. 

The aim of this qualification is to develop a range of skills in sport and physical activity in different contexts and roles. This vocational course is excellent when thinking about a career in the leisure industry and further study towards level 3 qualifications.

Sports Science is our GCSE PE course that will open your eyes to the amazing world of sports performance. Not only will you have the chance to perform in three different sports through the non-exam assessment component, you will also develop a wide range of knowledge into the how and why of Physical activity and sport. During the two year course you will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of both PE theory and practical activity which will include opportunities:

  • to develop your practical skills in a range of physical activities
  • to examine the effects of exercise and to study and evaluate how training can improve performance
  • to find ways to improve your own performances.
  • to identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in physical activity.


The practical element of the course is worth 40% of your final marks with assessment in a variety of physical activity. For this reason, it is essential that you are playing for a sports team outside of school and attend extra curriculum clubs. However, GCSE PE is not just a practical subject and has a 60% theoretical component that includes two final written examinations. Although not compulsory, this is an excellent grounding for students who may wish to follow on to our A level PE course.