GCSE Film Studies

Film is an important part of society. Those who choose it characteristically bring with them a huge enthusiasm and excitement for film which constantly motivates them in their studies. They experience a powerful medium which inspires a range of responses from the emotional to the reflective as they are drawn into characters, their narratives and the issues films raise. The root of that power is the immersive audio-visual experience film offers – one which can exploit striking cinematography, composition and locations as well as powerful music and sound. It is not surprising that many consider film to be the major art form of the last hundred years and that many feel it important to study a medium which has such a significant influence on the way people think and feel.

Film Studies is a subject that has 70% exam element, comprising of two exams and a 30% practical element, where students may choose to create their own short film. The two exams allow the study of UK and US film as well as global cinema. Students should be ready to watch and engage with films on a whole new level!