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In order to support students to make the transition from GCSE onto the A Level/BTEC programmes of study, each department has set activities that must be completed in preparation for starting their courses.

The aim of these tasks is for students to demonstrate independence, initiative and a general understanding of the A Level subjects they will be studying. 

The deadline for the completion of this work is the 1st July 2020 at which point students should email their work to the subject contact in the booklet.

Subject to meeting the entry requirements, we look forward to meeting all those students that have put Stratton Sixth Form as their first choice in September.

Please do come back and check this page for any further links and information on bridging work.

Sixth form area – equipped with kitchen, microwave, fridge and kettle. There are also drinks and snack vending machines which the rest of the school do not have access to.
Study facilities
Technology – there are computers available in the library and one of the dedicated sixth for study rooms. As well as this we have a suite of desktop computers in the sixth form area and new for 2018, we have an additional bank of Microsoft surface Go tablets for students to use during their private study. 
Access to school library resources.
Sixth form students can use the library during their free study periods.  In addition to this, we are building up an additional resource library for in the sixth form area.
Canteen -  the school canteen and snack hub are widely used by sixth form – they often even manage to beat the queues if they don’t have a lesson before break/lunch!
English and Maths
GCSE English is very often required at grade 4 at least. At many universities, this is a universal entry requirement for any course. Mathematics is also often required at grade 4 at least at some universities.
Modern Foreign Languages
Currently University College London (UCL) is the only Russell Group institution to require a Modern Foreign Language GCSE at grade 4 or above for all of its programmes. 
Course specific GCSE requirements – For selective universities
For many courses a 5/6 grade at least in GCSE English is needed with science and engineering courses in particular often specifying this. Equally, courses such as Business and Psychology, which may attract applicants who aren’t necessarily strong mathematicians, commonly ask for a 5/6 grade mathematics, in some cases, sciences.
•Applicants to study Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are usually required to have very good GCSE results across a range of subjects, for example, a number of medical courses ask for five (sometimes more) 8/9 grades, to include very good grades in Maths, Science and English 
•Applicants to study Teacher Training are required to have a minimum grade 4 in GCSE Maths, Science and English. Some universities may ask for a minimum of grade 5/6.
•For a degree in English, universities often look for applicants to have a GCSE in a language.
•For a Business degree, sometimes at least a grade 5/6, in GCSE Maths is required.
•A grade 5/6 in maths is often required for a degree in Psychology, and a grade 5/6 in science may sometimes be required.
•To study a science subject at university, applicants who are not offering Maths at advanced level will often need to have achieved a minimum of a grade 4 in Maths at GCSE.

More information on how to apply to Stratton Upper School Sixth Form, will appear here shortly. (7/11/19)

Welcome to Stratton Sixth Form – a place where achievement, aspiration and excellence are at the heart of all we do. 
We are immensely proud of our Sixth Form, which has been built by students and staff over time. Students work hard and achieve to the best of their ability in an ethos where commitment, caring and contribution to the community are key to all we do. Our students enjoy their learning and their results at all levels have consistently demonstrated this with above national average outcomes in Academic, Applied General, A Level and Foundation programmes.  This is down to the hard work, commitment and positive working relationships amongst staff, students and parents. 

We work to three core values centred around Pride, Passion and Perseverance:

We should have PRIDE in all we  do – whatever it may be.  
We should love what we do, commit to it 100% and do it with PASSION.
We should PERSEVERE through our difficulties.  Our biggest challenges will be our greatest achievements, a problem isn’t solved by removing it – we persevere and work through challenges.
It is both a privilege and a responsibility to guide our young people through these incredibly important years. We have the highest expectations of them at all times and ask them to focus on personal excellence as well as the academic, as it is this combination of excellence that truly shapes them into the successful, happy and confident young adults they are when they leave us each year.  
Mrs Amies and Mr Clarke
Built around the values of Pride, Passion and Perseverance the progress our students make regularly places us in the top 20% of Sixth Form providers.
We are very proud of our Sixth Form and obviously would like Stratton students to continue to study with us. Our students are proud to study here, are passionate about their work and persevere when the going gets tough.
Our upward trend in student attainment in the face of ever more stringent exam criteria means that increasingly our students are able to follow their chosen path.
The achievement of our students has allowed them to explore a range of opportunities, including degree courses at Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and medical school, sports scholarships in the USA and degree level apprenticeships.
We aim for everyone to start and finish their programme of study and we never give up. Progression into Sixth Form studies can be challenging and we appreciate the need to support our students with the increased demands of A Level study.
With our guidance, students develop good learning habits and provide them with the facilities to support continued learning. Learning to manage time and to build in purposeful relaxation is important. Our students learn to prioritise and achieve the essential balance between commitments, which is vital to being successful.
We challenge and celebrate our students so that they become strong, independent learners ready for university, higher level apprenticeships or employment.
Our careful guidance ensures that our students embark on courses that will test them and develop their skills and passions.
We guide students to choose course combinations that support university entrance or that are favoured by employers. Recently, over 90% of our students were accepted into their first choice university.
Learning is monitored and supported from day one to the end of courses. Timetabled lessons take up the majority of students’ time and therefore organisation, attendance and motivation are crucial.

At Stratton we are proud of the Sixth Form that has been built by students and staff over time. Students work hard and achieve to the best of their ability – we have an ethos where commitment, caring and contribution to the community are key ideas that students represent and buy into. Our students enjoy their learning and their results at all levels show this. We work to 3 core values centred on Pride, Passion and Perseverance:

Have PRIDE in all you do – whatever it may be

LOVE what you do and do it with PASSION

PERSEVERE – the biggest challenges will be your greatest achievements, a problem isn’t solved by removing it – persevere and work through challenges