Motto: Be ready to confidently create with the technology of tomorrow
Whatever area you want to specialise in, you can connect with computing at Stratton Upper School. At Stratton, we understand that information technology touches every aspect of our lives, from consumer electronics to healthcare or entertainment.
It’s ubiquity means computing offers many and varied jobs, at many skill levels.
At Stratton, we aim to inspire and enthuse learners to become tech savvy, producers of tech products and systems, not just consumers. We give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the IT sector and some aspects of the creative industries, (E.G. computer games development, 3D animation and Video production)
Students can develop essential skills and attributes prized by employers, further education colleges and HE institutions.
We offer a range of courses, qualifications, clubs and activities designed to develop skills students need for a successful entry into the computing industry.
Mr Charles Kilby
Head of Computing