The Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The charitable company's Memorandum and Articles of Association are the primary governance documents of the Academy Trust. 
The Trustees of Stratton Education Trust Limited are also the directors of the charitable company for the purposes of company law. The charitable company is known as Stratton Education Trust. 
Details of the Members and governors who served during the year are included in the Reference and Administration Details

If you would like to enquire about hiring our facilities please contact us on 01767 220000 ext. #202 

Our Charges 


Adult hire charge

Youth hire charge


£7.90 per court

£6.20 per court

Tennis Court

£5.50 per court

£4.10 per court

Tennis Court and Floodlights

£7.20 per court

£5.70 per court

Sports Hall

£37.50 per hour

£26.20 per hour

Cricket Nets

£15.90 per hour

£15.90 per hour


£37.50 per hour

£26.20 per hour

Small Hall

£15.90 per hour

£14.00 per hour

Dance Studio

£15.90 per hour

£14.00 per hour

Drama Studio

£15.90 per hour

£14.00 per hour

Netball Court

£12.40 per court

£10.30 per court

Netball Court and Floodlight

£13.90 per court

£11.80 per court

Sports Field

£25 per hour

£22 per hour



Per hour



Main Hall


Dining Hall – for catering


Dining Hall – additional space


ICT Classroom


Conference Room (Room 1)


Conference Room (Common Room)


Please note:  A hirer’s indemnity insurance fee of 10% of the full charge will be made on all lettings unless hirers can provide evidence of insurance (Public Liability Insurance of £10M is required).

                      Bespoke packages available – please enquire for more information.

Stratton Leisure is part of CMAT and VAT registered.  Bookings will be subject to VAT, however, block bookings of 10 or more are exempt.


Stratton Library is an integral resource within the school community. Students and staff are welcome throughout the day to find books and information, and to read or work quietly in the study area.

Access to the internet and school intranet provides students with the ever-increasing wealth of information found online, including additional access to online journals.

Classes visit the library during lessons, spending the hour undertaking research, reading independently or as a class. The weekly lunchtime reading and chess clubs are very popular, bringing together students from all year groups.

The library staff are always happy to help anyone find the information they need, or to suggest something they might enjoy reading. The aim is to encourage students to open their minds to the knowledge available to those who search for it, to find pleasure in reading and to share their own experiences.

• Library Search (catalogue of resources) networked across the school
• internet access
• school network access
• information (non-fiction) books to support the curriculum and wider interests
• fiction books at all levels
• newspapers and magazines
• DVDs
• information files
• Staff Library
• links to other library collections

Opening times:
Monday  8.20am - 3.40pm
Tuesday 8.40am - 3.40pm
Wednesday 8.20am - 3.40pm
Thursday 8.40am - 3.40pm
Friday 8.20am - 3.40pm


Stratton has been a Training School since September 2003. Our work focuses on excellence in Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We access a number of networks and local opportunities, working closely with local Teaching Schools and training providers. We have contributed locally and nationally to initiatives including National College Leadership programmes. We also encourage school and classroom based research.

Head of Training School: Mrs Sandy Wood

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
We host trainees from various training providers including SCITT (The Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership) and the University of Bedfordshire. We support in a number of ways, such as: offering advice, guidance and also work experience to help with ITT applications. We offer training the School Direct – PGCE route in a number of subjects as part of our partnership with Redborne Upper School and UoB. The time a trainee spends at Stratton varies from one week to a whole academic year. During this time, trainees are involved in all aspects of school life and are supported by a full programme of Professional Studies sessions delivered by expert school-based practitioners. They observe and teach lessons, work with form groups and work with students. All trainees have individual trained mentors and feedback tells us that the induction they receive from staff at Stratton is warm, helpful and makes placements very effective.

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT)
All NQTs work with trained induction tutors and meet weekly, to discuss, track and support progress. They are allocated a 10% timetable reduction to support induction activities focusing on the Teachers’ Standards. In addition, informal advice and support is offered by the Training School. We run a formal and structured NQT Induction Programme. The programme involves a Peer Coaching project, allowing collaborative work on various development themes. We provide support for local NQTs via our Enrichment Programme and work with the local Teaching School to provide experts who deliver Core Training for Induction Tutors and NQTs – whilst also supporting the Central Bedfordshire NQT Conferences.  We are currently working on a pilot project on the ECF.

New Staff
All new staff have an induction programme that runs for the first few weeks of the academic year. This includes Safeguarding and Prevent Training and focuses primarily on the routines and systems that are used in school.

We organise and co-ordinate 4 INSED days a year in line with the School Improvement Plan. We disaggregate 1 INSED day per year, with the agreement of Unions, to support the CPD Programme. Staff are obliged, as part of directed time, to attend 5 CPD sessions from the CPD Programme on offer to support their Performance Management targets and focus on whole school priorities. The usual pattern of INSED days is:
Day 1/Day 2 – September – whole school issues
Day 3 – November OR January – personalised INSED/department issues and PM target setting
Day 4 – April – personalised INSED/department issues

Continued Professional Development (CPD)
We arrange a CPD Programme that allows staff to personalise professional development and support performance management, by giving choice. This programme is based on twilight CPD seminars. The programme is aimed at all staff and complements INSED days and is published separately each year. We offer leadership development programmes and coaching experience via the NCSL’s First and Next Steps into Leadership schemes. Each year the school arranges a number of TeachMeet sessions and Teaching and Learning Briefings as part of our meetings structure where we share good practice. We also arrange Subject Leader Conferences for Middle Leaders to allow learning conversations, action research, review of school policy/procedure etc. We also offer professional development in a more informal manner through discussions and organised meetings.

School Based Research
The Training School is keen to develop practice through research and members of staff are encouraged to follow their own interests in fields of research.

Stratton Learning Partnership (SLP)
This is a Partnership of local schools from the East Beds area that formed to support CPD. This outreach activity is an important element of the Training School’s work. We plan and co-ordinate the programmes based on needs audits. The outreach programme includes access to our twilight seminars and to the expertise of our Specialist leaders in Education. The Programme aims to meet the needs of our whole workforce and is also available to Stratton staff.


Our Mission is simple – The Best Outcomes for all students

We achieve this through our vision that every member of our community is known, valued and supported to achieve in all areas at the highest level to become successful and confident lifelong learners.

Excellence: We nurture an ethos of great work every day and a drive for maximum progress in every lesson.

Community: We ensure everyone is known as an individual and treated with kindness.  We embrace our differences and celebrate the achievements of all.

Dialogue: We insist that everyone has the opportunity to grow into confident and articulate communicators.

Challenge: We take risks and are supported to try new approaches.  We expect to find work difficult and push the boundaries of our comfort zone.

Resilience: We cultivate the ability to thrive in the face of change, challenge or adversity with perseverance and don’t give up until we succeed.

Passion: We inspire curiosity and interest to nurture enquiring minds. We appreciate and pursue opportunities with enthusiasm, positivity and open minds.

Stratton Upper School

 Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade, Beds, SG18 8JB

 01767 220000

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For GPS and online navigation systems, we recommend the postcode 'SG18 8JH' to avoid being taken into the new housing estates.






A paper copy of the website documents are available on request by contacting Karen Walsh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Info on wellbeing & CPD

Stratton Upper School is proud to be at the heart of our community and we have a long history of supporting our students in achieving their goals. We are committed to nurturing the abilities of every student in order to equip them with the qualifications and personal skills they need to become confident, independent adults and successful citizens of tomorrow.

At Stratton, we set the highest expectations in terms of learning and behaviour, and follow a broadly academic curriculum that includes English, mathematics, science, humanities and languages supplemented with strong provision in the arts and technology. Most students join our thriving Sixth Form, with many progressing to university. However, recognising that some individuals’ abilities lie in other areas, we provide a wealth of opportunities and courses that allow every student to develop and showcase his or her unique talents.

The school promotes a ‘can do’ culture in which everyone is encouraged to strive for excellence. We work in partnership with parents and carers to uphold the traditional values of respect and tolerance, resulting in harmony within our community, where the contribution of every individual is valued.

I warmly invite you to visit the school to experience for yourself its positive atmosphere and the excellent opportunities it offers students.


Roz Hodges


Stratton Upper is a 13 to 19 school with a roll approaching 1,000 students, including Sixth Form.  We are the only upper school serving Biggleswade and the surrounding villages.  This has both advantages and responsibilities.  An advantage is that any competition from neighbouring schools is minimal and this has enabled us to develop increasingly collaborative relationships with them.  Our unequivocal responsibility however, is to ensure that we support the needs of all students within our catchment.  It follows that we accommodate students from across the full spectrum of ability and that we are truly inclusive.

Our Stratton catchment area incorporates the town of Biggleswade and a number of small villages in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire countryside.

Biggleswade lies on the A1 and mainline railway, making it an ideal town for commuting into London (35 min to King's Cross).  Other centres of employment include Cambridge, Bedford, Stevenage, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.  Each of these towns and cities are accessible within 45 min travel time from Biggleswade.  Employment in Biggleswade has traditionally been in market gardening and engineering.  Both these industries still have a presence in the area, but are no longer the significant employers they once were.

Biggleswade is set to expand over the coming years.  Population is expected to rise by at least 25% and we are already seeing significant economic investment in the town.  Biggleswade has been featured in a number of national newspapers as the place to live, combining with its strong communication links, reasonable house prices and good schools.

The school is ready for an expected expansion in numbers due to these demographic changes.  Our new science centre was opened in September 2017 and has provided the additional 13 classrooms needed.

The welfare and well-being of all members of our community is of central importance and we expect staff, pupils and students to give high priority to the needs of others and their development.  The school is known for its strong pastoral care and support for students with special educational needs and disabilities.

We are embarking on an ambitious programme to raise standards, transform our curriculum and help our students realise what they are truly capable of achieving.  Our ambition for school improvement continues with even more purpose, driven by our commitment to open as many opportunities for our students as we possibly can.

In practice, our approach is based on high expectations, high aspirations and high levels of trust.  Our starting point is our working assumption that staff and students alike are committed to personal fulfilment and expect to work in an environment of success and respect.